Thorfire TK15 Specifications and operation.

Thorfire TK15s Features and operation.

According to the specifications,the TK15 and TK15s support only 18650 batteries.
2xCR123A is not supported.

The TK15 has 5 constant brightness modes,while the TK15s has 4,as here one of the modes is replaced by the Bike light mode.
Both features Cree XP-G2 LED with very pleasant neutral white light.
According to the provided data the Highest modes have equal output of 1050 lumens.
The lowest modes of the TK15 are half the brightness of the TK15s's modes.
Identical reflectors with identical beam. 11200cd peak beam intensity-comfortable for close and mid range use.

My lumen measurements in an integrating sphere show:
Thorfire TK15:
Turbo= 1050 Lm initial output
High= 440 Lm
Mid= 140 Lm
Low= 24 Lm
Moonlight= hard to measure it correctly

Thorfire TK15s:
High= 1020 Lm initial
Mid= 430 Lm
Low= 55 Lm
Moonligt= hard to measure correctly

Size comparison with other Thorfire models-
Thorfire VG25- Thorfire TK15s- Thorfire TK15- Thorfire VG15- 18650 battery

Again,I am surprised by the quality of machine work that Thorfire does manage to maintain on most of their flashlights,especially while they are low priced budget models.
Black matte anodizing.Very consistent on my samples.
Clean square cut threads-anodized.
No sharp edges on the body allows comfortable grip.
Using the tail switch on the TK15s is easy and comfortable.
Both models allow tail-standing.
Thorfire TK15s disassembled

Very stable pocket clip on both flashlights.Should serve quite well for EDC use.
Both lights have two springs-one at the head and one at the tailcap.
All protected batteries that I have tested forsize compatibility fit well in the flashlights.
Thorfire TK15 disassembled

Here is a close up of both tailcaps.

Beam profile

The beam on both flashlights is well balanced with good hotspot,soft not distracting corona and useful spill.
Neutral white light without noticeable yellow or pink tint.
Overall,I found the beam on both lights very good without leaving desire for something more.
It is just the right EDC beam for most of the users.
Check out the comparison beamshots below and find for yourself if the beam meets your personal preferences.

1 meter distance.White wall.
Thorfire TK15s Moonlight-Low-Mid-High-Turbo

Thorfire TK15s Moonlight-Low-Mid-High

Comparison with other flashlights.All flashlights on their highest modes.
1 meter distance.White wall.

5 meters distance