Thursday, August 18, 2016

Fenix HL10 Ultra-compact AAA headlamp- Review updated 29.08

Link to the provider of this review sample GearBest-
Fenix HL10 flashlight:
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Other choices:

Size comparison- AAA battery,Fenix HL10,ThruNite Ti,Bronte BT01
The HL10 is respectable small and still quite comfortable in hand.Not to mention its high versatility.
The only downside-it does not come with a pocket clip. Yet,there is a hole for a lanyard on the tail cap.
It can be carried on the keychain,as well.

Fenix HL10 is a small AAA battery powered headlamp. It can be easily used as a small EDC light,which may be very useful,as there are not many AAA flashlights with a side/ right-angle beam.

This is an animation of the clear/diffused plastic cover of the reflector,in action!
It is quick and easy to switch between more focused and diffused beam.
The cover is placed over two O-rings,which make the movement smooth and seal the element.

-Utilizes Philips LXZ2-5770 LED (cool white,very close to neutral white with great color rendition)
-Powered by one NiMH or Alkaline AAA battery(not compatible with 10440)
-70mm length x 26mm Width x 23mm Height
-33grams (including headband,excluding battery)
-Rotating optical lens for flexible adjustment of spotlight and floodlight(a plastic ring around the LED zone,which has a smooth and slightly diffused areas allowing you to switch between normal spot beam      and slightly diffused beam,by just twisting the ring).
-180 degree vertical angle tilting possible
-Tail-standing (with the headband removed)
-Digitally regulated output mains constant brightness( pending to be tested)
-Reverse polarity protection,to protect from improper battery installation
-Made of durable aircraft grade aluminum

User Interface
It is quite convenient-3 modes Low(4Lm) -Mid(30Lm)-High(70Lm)
Press and hold the momentary switch for a second to turn On/Off the light
Press briefly to change the mode.
There is an instant mode memory.

Runtimes according to manufacturer's testings:

High Mid Low
Alkaline 40 min 2h 30min 24h
Ni-MH 1h 3h 10min 26h

-Max beam intensity 229cd (30 meters distance)
-IPX-8,underwater 2 meters
-Included accessories and spare parts: Spare O-ring,Alkaline battery,Key ring (I am a little disappointed to find the lack of a nice pocket clip,which could make this flashlight desirable even for people searching for a small right-angle beam AAA light).

Below is a run/time test on High mode.
Battery used in the test: rechargeable Duracell NiMH 750mAh.
As you can see from the graph,I measured higher max output of the HL10,than the manufacturers data.
Excellent regulation from the boost circuit. 102 lumens for 42,5 minutes.
Then the battery is empty and should be replaced/recharged. The HL10 gives you about 20 minutes with a lower output to do the needed tasks. Battery voltage after the test= 0.9V
Performance of the Fenix HL10 is impressive,having in mind its price tag.

The switch is of momentary On type. Does not lock On position.
It is small but protrude enough for comfortable operation. I found no any problem to use it.

The back of the HL10. There are markings indicating Focused and Diffused beam position of the rotating ring.

As expected,the threads are on the needed high level. Well machined and anodized.
You can see also the bottom of the tail-cap.

No tail-cap magnet. Alkaline and NiMH batteries fit well in the battery tube.
Check back soon for the finished review!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Olight H05s Active Demo video

Olight H05s Active-lightweight headlamp,Cree XM-L2 LED,powered by two AAA batteries.